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by Keslinger

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We decided to record this EP mostly live in Seth's garage, aided by Jordan Gladden. With a few cubicle dividers for isolation, we recording drums, bass, and my guitar parts at the same time. We put in many grueling hours being gracious with each other as we botched our parts over and over. We didn't bother recording to a click, but opted to have Seth conduct us during a couple tracks with some drum sticks. After finishing this session, Seth recorded his guitar parts and vocals. It was an interesting experience and definitely helped give the EP some energy.

Our song writing seems to have matured a little bit from the recklessness of our first EP. On the whole, this EP was another stepping stone out of pop-punk and into heavy rock territory. These tracks, at least for the guys in the band, had more lasting value and we mostly enjoyed playing them the whole time we were together. We learned how to take a step back from full-on distorted craziness and create dynamics, "Mortar & Cobblestone" being the most stark example. Seth started exploring his voice a lot more and creating a character that was his own. At the time, changes like that were scary but exhilarating all the same. Oddly enough, with all the newness of these tracks, we looked in our musical past and resurrected an old Mitchell song "That Year". With some re-imagining, the track fit really well with where we were headed. I remember driving with the guys, cranking the tracks up, and being so stoked about what we were doing when I heard the last soaring chorus of "Saturdays." Our "hard" work started to pay off when people actually started to buy this EP and sing along at concerts.

– Jon


released January 1, 2006


all rights reserved


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